May 17, 2009 Update


Dear Pelicans,


The 2008 Evergreen Reunion was held one year ago today, May 17th.  To view information about the reunion, click Reunions on the left side of the home page, then 2008. To view pictures of the reunion, click Photo Gallery, then any of the 2008 Reunions links.


During the past year pictures and information about Evergreen Pelicans, both past and present, have been posted. These help document the lives and times of its area residents.

I hope and pray you will provide more information and pictures so we may continue to document the people, events and other information of historical significance about our beloved Evergreen. There are many options available to you on the website format.  Thank all of you who have submitted information and/or pictures, as viewers have been complimentary about the information/pictures posted.  We need more…in all categories.

There is a genuine interest in the topics offered…so please send yours. Thank you.


Contact You – Please consider emailing us to allow your name and email address to be posted in this section of the Contact Us Page. Thanks.(Sometimes you have to give to receive).


New postings have occurred since the April 27, 2009 Update as follows:


News – Mrs. Lillian Justice Cox, Everybody’s All-American Women’s Basketball Player by Martin Cox. (Pelican footnote: Those of us who were fortunate enough to feel the warmth of her smile and witness her love of people will always remember Mrs. Lillian Cox. She was not only an All-American basketball player, but an All-American person as well).  Thank you, Sonny, for sending this story.


Family Connections – Martin and Lillian Justice Cox, Edward Bane and Martha Davis Robert, and Ford Mayo and Lena Armand Robert.  Many of you remember Mr. Ford Robert for all of the years he ran his store across from the Post Office, his years as service to the town as mayor, and for his wonderful family.  Thank you, Bobbie, for providing information on your family and your father’s family.


Prayer Requests – Carl Paul Ducote. His condition merits more prayers, as he has been moved to one of the Lafayette General Hospital. Thanks, Susan and Beverly, for keeping us updated on his condition.


Your efforts to add to the information and pictures posted on are appreciated.  Class rosters for the 1970s and 1980s are still being sought. Any names/year are appreciated.


Peace, Ed Dugas