April 27, 2009 Update


Dear Pelicans,


Do you recall the intense week prior to the May Day Festival?  Temperatures changed from when practices started; the practices were longer that final week; attire, hats and caps offered topics for discussion, etc. Do you remember it raining on the May Festival?

Do you recall the greatest jester of them all? Memories of his performances should bring a smile to your face. What performer was the greatest solo dance performer?  Was the song to which the performance took place Spanish, French or Italian?  Please consider writing about your May Day memories. Perhaps the Photo Gallery, Education will refresh some of those memories. I will reflect on those special memories and the good times at EHS leading up to and on May 1. Mr. Smith and the faculty are to be commended for involving as many students as possible in this experience. Please email (jpeg) any May Day Festival pictures you may have.  Thank you.      


New postings have occurred since the April 8, 2009 Update as follows:


Reunions Page Reorganized – Click Reunions Page, then select the year you wish to view. The 2008 Reunion Page has been amplified and “Evergreen”, the song by James Turner has been posted in the 1990 Reunion Page. Thank you James for submitting.

Contact You – Wayne Goudeau has provided his email address to viewers. Please consider emailing us to allow your name and email address to be posted.  Thanks.

Donors – Dr. Harold Aymond and Barbara Aymond Bowman donated a memorial to their parents.

Memorials -  William “Bill” Albritton Sr. and Clifton “Cliff” and Lena Mae Galland Aymond.

Military – Harold Aymond page updated with new picture.

Obituaries – Billie Hayes, David Armand Barton, Ronnie Fontenot,  Verlie Galland Matthews, Margaret “Peggy” Bordelon Waguespack

Photo Gallery – Class of 1939 at 1983 Reunion – more people identified

Prayer Requests – April 21 update on Todd Hensel by Gail Aymond. “I had a short conversation with Todd at noon today. He was discharged from the Henry Ford Hospital yesterday... He is still in a lot of pain but he loves being home and did get a good night’s sleep. Thank you, Gail.


Thank all of you who contributed information and/or pictures to the Evergreen website.

Your efforts to add to www.EvergreenLa.org are appreciated.


Peace, Ed