April 21, 2010 Update


Dear Pelicans,


Please click on the Updates for March and April at www.evergreenla.org and view the information provided for the reunion.


Please email your pre-registration names ASAP, as plans are being made based on the numbers generated from such information. It will also expedite registration at the door on May 15.


As of April 21, the following people have pre-registered.   

Blanchard, Annabelle Jeansonne 4 20

Ducote, Dale &  Al   4 3
Dugas, Ed & Marilyn 3 31

Flake, Bobbie Robert  4 21

Goudeau, Ed & Wayne  3 23

Jans, Nettie  4 16

Normand, Beryl & Gerald  4 15

Rabalais, Ryan, Carolyn Tanner;Rabalais, John & Carol Rabalais  4 15
Riche’, Pete and Denise V. Riche’ 4 15

Roberts, Charles and Barbara Riche’ Roberts  4 19  

Sheets, Geraldine “Gerry” Galland  and Marshall  4 5

Tanner, Mike and Kay  4 19
Trimbur, Brother David & June   4 1

Turner, Alfred “Bonoxie” & Faye Riche’ Turner  4 18

Turner, Geneva Bordelon  & Ronnie  4 14



The Magnolia Leaf Society will hold its first induction in the p.m. program

The Magnolia Leaf Society is comprised of individuals who are recognized for  outstanding contributions, and in some cases continuous service, to the Evergreen Reunions and/or the Evergreen Website, www.EvergreenLa.org

The first group of inductees includes the following: (brief overview of their contributions)

Blanchard, Annabelle Jeansonne – host and care-taker of the Evergreen Museum
Descant, Dale – host and webmaster for www.EvergreenLa.org since 2008
Ducote, Dale – contributor of materials and pictures to the Evergreen Museum and obituaries, memories, military information, class rosters, etc., to the website.
Flake, Bobbie Robert – 72 page written program,1983 Evergreen High School Reunion.

Gremillion, John and Georgie – chairing the 1983 & 1990 Evergreen Reunions.
Rabalais, Ryan and Carolyn Tanner Rabalais – photographers, 1983, 1990, 2008 reunions, 2009 lunch, and 2010 reunion. Ryan serves as photo editor of the website and both have contributed information in other areas of the website. 

Tanner, Mike and Kay – both served in multiple capacities for the 2008 reunion and accepted extra assignments as the event drew closer, Mike served as our photographer for the 2008 reunion, photographer and videographer for the lunch, and now Mike & Kay are co-chairing the 2010 reunion.



These above persons will be inducted during the afternoon program of the 2010 reunion.  A large plaque will be purchased which will allow for their names to be added after the event. It will have an additive component so other names can be added later. The plaque will be displayed in the Evergreen Museum so others may know that these people made significant contributions to their community.


Please join us in congratulating the above persons for their contributions to our community.


The Civic League is planning to provide lunch at the site to avoid people having to relocate during that time; group picture opportunities will be available; memorabilia will be on display; CDs of past reunions will be available for viewing; the programs will be enlightening and interesting; the company will be the best. Please make plans now and view the earlier Updates at www.evergreenla.org for more details.


Please remind EHS students and Evergreen area residents prior to 1950 and all former educators that they are asked to participate in the p.m. program. Please contact Maudie Holston Gauthier for more information. Thank you. 


Please pre-register ASAP. There is no charge for the reunion.  


Peace, Ed Dugas