April 14, 2010 Update

Dear Pelicans,


www.EvergreenLa.org is experiencing a good challenge. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to keep up with the many people who are communicating with us. If we are a little behind on getting your information/pictures, etc. posted, you will know why. Your understanding that all of our website efforts are made by volunteers is appreciated.


The focus of this Update is to request that you please pre-register ASAP for the May 15th Evergreen Reunion so we can plan for your attendance.


You may pre-register at no cost by emailing Ed@EvergreenLa.org  Please include the names of those for whom you are pre-registering. This will allow for a check-off at registration and allow for smooth movement at the entrance. In that email you may also include a request for a group (family, classmates, friends, etc.) picture and you may also schedule those during the reunion.


Early next week, a list of those who have pre-registered will be sent in an Update. Please reach out to those who do not email and offer to pre-register for them.  This will prevent them from having to register at the entrance. Thanks.


Many items have been posted to help facilitate planning for the Reunion. Please click on those links for assistance and information.


Since the March 31, 2010 Update the items below have been posted:


Military Page – please click on “View Various Military Links” and click on link  “The Virtual Wall – Vietnam Veterans Memorial”.
There you will find information of two of our Pelican Heroes: Robert Lynn Daigrepont and Gerald Paul Willibur. The site is easy to navigate and is most informative. Your prayers for these two veterans are appreciated.


Churches -  Please click on the Churches pages and several additions have been made there, including the histories of St. Charles and Little Flower. A special thanks to Lottie Mayeaux and Beryl Normand for providing these.


Please note that congratulations are in order for Rev. Trimbur and Bayou Rouge Baptist Church for establishing their website. Click on their Welcome Page and the new link to their website is on the right side.


Who Loves You?  Click on the News and view the picture of the Reunion Planning Committee. They are working to make the reunion enjoyable. Please contact them to volunteer to assist in some manner. The harvest is great, but the laborers are… please know you are needed.   Thank you.


Obituaries are posted in order received, so you may view those easily. However, please note that Dale Ducote sent the obituary of one of his classmates, Mabel Marie Chenevert Stockwell, and it has been posted with a date of Oct. 21, 2006 (between Verlie Galland Matthews and Carl F. Jory, M.D).


Please click on the three March Updates for the reunion information.  Your assistance in spreading the word to other Pelicans is appreciated.


Memories – Sharon Pickett Johnson has added some of her memories to the Memories Page and also a picture of the 1910-11 5th grade class to the photo gallery.  Click photo gallery, Evergreen Schools, 1910-19. Scroll down below the picture to view the students identified in longhand on the back of the picture.


Dale Ducote has submitted three items from the 1941 EHS Class, including a class picture.  These are located in the Photo Gallery, Evergreen Schools, 1940-49 decade.


The Education Page now has the start of a listing of various categories of those associated with Education at EHS/EES. Please click on Education on the left side of the home page, then click on your viewing choice from the menu.

If you click on Former Faculty and Staff, you may view former principals, faculty, cafeteria staff, custodial staff, and school bus drivers. This is a start to what will become an extensive listing, so please send me the names which need to be included in the various categories.


Yes, we have some names of former students from the 1970s-80s and are seeking all of them. Please send any names you have so we can post those decades of students on the website.


Remember, students who attended EHS prior to 1950, former residents of the Evergreen area prior to 1950, and all former faculty and staff of EHS/EES will be honored in the p.m. program at the reunion. Please contact Maudie Holston Gauthier about this part of the program.


A special thanks is extended to the Reunion Committee members, Dale Descant, and Ryan Rabalais for the extra efforts they are making so others may know, understand, and appreciate Evergreen.


Peace, Ed Dugas