April 8, 2009


Dear Pelicans,


Happy Easter to everyone.  Remember, he is the reason for the season.


Dale Descant, the EvergreenLa.org and Bunkie.com webmaster, has started a new page on Bunkie.com   Congratulations to Dale on his new page entitled Family Ties.


Please email Ed@EvergreenLa.org if you can identify anyone who was an editor or assistant editor of the Magnolia Leaf.  Please identify the year as close as possible. 


Updates have occurred since the March 17, 2009 Update as follows:


Anecdotes – Peggy Brouillette Wake and Funeral by Debbie Riche’ Molan and Cottonport Egg-Knocking: A Fifty Year Tradition by Sharon Lemoine Juneau have penned stories labeled “high interest.” You are encouraged to read both.


Contact Us - please consider sending your name and email address for posting.  There are over 200 email addresses in the address book, but only a few who offer them to other Pelicans…just email Ed and your name/email address can be added.


Family Connections – Cecil Edmond Goudeau Sr. by Wayne Goudeau.


News – Please check on two current news stories -  Knockin’ on the Bayou is coming up for Easter and The Bunkie High Reunion honoring the Class of 1959 (with 1957 & 58) is scheduled for April 25.  Some former EHS students were part of those classes. Please contact Mary Charlotte McConnell Shannon at mciiimds@yahoo.com or Mary “Gail” Aymond Bordelon at gailbordelon@msn.com


Obituaries – Peggy Brouillette,  Ben Christopher Juneau, Roderic A. “Buster” Rozas, and Coral Frederick Francois.


Prayer RequestsBeverly Schaub.  

Todd Hensel has been on the Prayer Request Page since Jan. 2, 2009. His mom thanks everyone for all the prayers and ask that they continue as Todd will have more surgery on April 6th to reserve the ostomy. His feeding tube was removed last Friday.  He is doing well, but still has a lot of pain in view of his five organ transplants. Laura Brown Hensel   laurah1941@yahoo.com  

Karla Albritton is recovering from a successful two-way by-pass heart surgery and is recovering at the home of friends. You may write to Karla at 778 Rabbit Lane, Evergreen, La 71333.

The power of prayer…it is awesome.


Where Are They Now? This new page has been added and Wayne Goudeau contributed the first entry – Cecil Edmond Goudeau Sr. Family. Thank you Wayne. You are encouraged to visit the “Where Are They Now? Page and send information on you and/or your siblings.


Some Pelicans have asked me to get more specific on the tasks where volunteer help is needed so I thought I would compile a short list of some of our immediate needs. Any task can easily be divided and a group approach used.  There are no timelines of any of the areas listed below:


1. Everyone is encourage to send information on the following: Memories letters, Memorials, news, military information, anecdotes, Where Are They Now?, prayer requests, obituaries, Family Connections.  Any information on your family would be most helpful and appreciated. See the website for the many options available to you.


2. Areas which are not yet in the design stage include the following: former and current businesses, schools, homes, churches and history of the Evergreen area.  The Bayou Rouge Baptist Church has created a schematic of their graveyard and posted it on their website (click on the church picture and you are taken to their website).


It is important that we document those buried in the other church graveyards and any private graveyards to preserve that important part of the history of the Evergreen area.


3. Group photos from school, church, community, etc. are requested. Please scan and email in jpeg file.  Also, any information on the above topics is always welcomed.


4. Begin planning for the 2010 Evergreen Reunion.


If you wish to be involved in any of the above areas, please contact me. We can move only to the beat of caring volunteers. The task of your interest will be individualized according to your wishes, other obligations, interest, etc., in such a manner where the completion of any task undertaken will determined by the volunteer. Any assistance is appreciated.  Thank you.