March 31, 2010 Update


Dear Pelicans,


Happy Easter to you and your loved ones.


Please find enclosed some of the highlights of the March 27 Committee Meeting in Evergreen. (Mike and Kay Tanner, Chm.) 


Participants: Annabelle Jeansonne Blanchard, Georgie Gremillion Dauzat, Ed Dugas, Maudie Holston Gauthier, Nettie Jans, Mary Ellen Armand Jeansonne, Sue Johnson, Nan Haydel Lemoine, Kay Tanner, Mike Tanner, Brother David Trimbur, Faye Riche’ Turner.


Please begin "talking up the reunion" so Pelicans everywhere can receive the word and make plans to attend. 


Opening ceremonies begin at 9:00 a.m. at Little Flower Church Hall, lunch (12:00 - 12:30) will consist of sandwiches, etc.,  for those who pre-register and will be made availabe for a donation by the Civic League, closing ceremonies will begin at 3:00 p.m.


Posed pictures of groups (Carolyn Tanner Rabalais & Ryan) -  opportunities for families, classes, neighbors, friends, etc. to have their picture taken in a room inside the church hall may be arranged.

Special recognition of three groups will occur in the 1:00 program: (Maudi Holston Gauthier, Chm.)

1.former residents of the Evergreen area prior to 1950,

2.students who attended EHS prior to 195(these are posted on the website in the Education Page) , and

3.former faculty and staff who served either EHS or EES at any time (will be posted soon).


The Museum (Annabelle Jeansonne Blanchard) will have a memorabilia display and there will also be a technology area featuring CDs of past reunions and the 1983 Male Beauty Contest at Little Flower Church Fair.


Details on all of the events planned will be provided in the next Update.


You may pre-register at no cost by emailing  Please include the names of all those planning to attend.  This will allow for a check-off at registration and allow for smooth movement at the entrance. In that email you may also include a request for a group picture and you may also schedule those during the reunion.


Kay Tanner, Publicity Chair, would appreciate your assistance in promoting the reunion to media outlets in your area. Please contact her for the publicity information. It is important to include with all promotions so visitors to the website can click on the Updates posted and become current. Thanks.


Volunteers are needed for set-up, registration, technology area, programming, etc. - please contact Mike and Kay or committee members or meeting attendees for more information. Volunteers for registration and the technology area  may contact Ed.


An effort is being made to keep reunion assignments brief, so everyone may enjoy their reunion. Also, please help inform EES students of the 60s-80s so they may become involved. Thanks.


Details on all of the events planned will be provided in the next Update.


Peace, Ed Dugas