Update March 17, 2009


Dear Pelicans,


Happy St. Patrick’s Day…today all Pelicans are Irish – check our colors.


Prayers are appreciated for Karla Albritton, EES 1966 & CHS 1970, who is scheduled to have open heart surgery (Cabrini Hospital, Alexandria) on Thursday (exactly one year ago on that day Ruth had by-pass surgery).  Karla is the daughter of Bennie and Jean Albritton and a life-long resident of Rabbit Lane. God’s speed, Karla.


Updates have occurred since the March 6, 2009 Update as follows:


Anecdotes – Hot Bed by Bert St. Romain

Contact Us – Glynn Kohler – please consider sending your name and email address for posting.  There are over 200 email addresses in the address book, but only a few who offer them to other Pelicans…just email Ed and your name/email address can be added.

Family Connections – Donat Sylvert Ducote

News – Knockin’ on the Bayou Easter Festival

Obituaries – Newton Paul Guillory

Photo Gallery – “Here’s Charlie” Class Play 1950, Church of Little Flower Confirmation Picture, March 20, 1963.


Memory Lane – two awesome photos have been added to the photo gallery. The picture of the 1950s class play was provided by Virgil Tanner and the 1963 Little Flower Confirmation was provided by Kathy and Cecil Aymond.


The Class Play is located in the Education page and the confirmation picture in the Church of the Little Flower page. While several people contributed to the identification of the confirmation picture (Kathy & Cecil, Debbie), Julienne and Tracy Spencer made a special effort to identify the people. Please email us if you are able to identify those remaining as _________.  Thank you.


Appreciation is expressed to Ryan and Dale for their dedicated care to provide photos of the highest quality for the website.  Appreciation is expressed to Bert for his anecdote and to Dale for his Family Connections.


Pages in progress…coming soon – a glance at the home page denotes a few additions which are not accessible.  “Where Are They Now?” on left side, and three additions in the heart of the home page “Municipal Government”, “Civic League”, and “Volunteer Fire Department.”  These links are under construction at the present time.  


All Pelicans are invited to participate in the various options available to you on the website.


Peace, Ed