March 6, 2009


Dear Pelicans,


Updates have occurred since the February 23, 2009 Update as follows:


Education – the Class Rosters for six decades (1911- 1969) have been posted. Click on Education, Former Students and the six active decades of Class Rosters will appear. Click on the decade you wish to view and the CRs within that decade are presented in alphabetical order by year.  Your review and input on the CRs are appreciated.


A special acknowledge is extended to Bobbie Robert Flake and her program committee for the 1983 Evergreen Reunion and Mike Tanner for his information on EHS graduates.

The challenges are to assure the accuracy of the information posted (please review and provide feedback as needed) and to document the years since 1969. Dale Descant did a wonderful job of posting the extensive listings in such an easily accessible format.  


Information has been received from a variety of sources and CRs for some classes since 1969 have been compiled.  This topic will be the focus of a future Update.  In the meantime, if you know of any EES graduate who was a student after 1969 (and have not yet done so), please email the information to me as we have compiled a master list for those years.  Thank you.


Family Connections – Steve Van Mol, David Andrus, Ray Riche’, Leslie Riche’, Lawrence Riche’, Daniel McDaniel, Orville Rabalais’, Edsel Roy, William Robson, Raymond Taylor, Louis Clave Riche’ Sr., Wilton Armand, Ford Mayo Robert have been added,  placing the number of FCs posted in excess of 100. 


Please email your information for the FCs as the format allows for small bites per FCs. A special thanks to everyone who submitted a FCs (they are included as the source), especially Debbie Riche’ Molan who outdid herself and submitted six FCs – this is in addition to the ones she sent earlier.Thanks Deb.


Please keep the FCs coming, as there are many families still not posted. 


News – Martin “Sonny” Cox – Thanks, Sonny and Glynn.


Obituaries – Christopher Paul Armand and Raymond Paul Ducote (not our EHS Agriculture Teacher).


Peace, Ed Dugas 


EHS Class of 1958, the last graduating class of our beloved EHS school