February 13, 2009

Dear Pelicans,

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and all of your loved ones.

Please note: The obituary for Clothilde Mounger Quirk was posted today.

The information regarding Mrs. Quirk’s obituary was provided by Carol Armand Pellegrin.  Carol wrote, “ I knew her. She is Glen and Boyd's MOM. We all went to school together. She is 83. She and my Mom went to school together.”

On Thursday, February 5th, Stebo Pearce and I met at one of my Evergreen Offices (Ervin Gauthier’s Repair Shop) to review class pictures and add Pearce Families to the Family Connections page of the website.  Stebo’s mind is as sharp as a tack and it was so interesting to visit with him and discuss the personalities and events of several decades of life in Evergreen. Thank you, Stebo, for your time and information.  I hope we may continue our visits as we seek to document information about Evergreen.  

Updates have occurred since January 28 as follows:

Photo Gallery – Class pictures taken at the 1983 Evergreen Reunion have been posted. To view these, click on Photo Gallery, 1983 REUNIONS, Classes of: (the year you wish to view). Please click on the picture to enlarge it. Other pictures on the site should also be clicked to enlarge.

Class pictures for the 1950s and 1940s and some of the 1930s have been posted.  We will continue posting until all class pictures taken have been posted.


News – The Story on R. C. Reynaud is about an education pioneer who was born in Evergreen in 1885.  Thanks to Geri St. Romain for bringing it to our attention.

Sharon indicated that a few tickets are still available for “A Taste of Heaven.”

Class Rosters – there is a need for names of students who attended EES from 1966 - 1988. Please email Ed@EvergreenLa.org with any information for those class years.  Thank you - Susan Riche’ Earnest, Sheila Mayeaux Kight,  CeCe Rabalais Ducote for your help in this matter since our last newsletter.

Family Connections – Lawrence Mayeaux, Douglas Ducote, Samuel Pearce, William Pearce, Heather Ann Oliver Juneau, and Sheila Mayeaux Kight (submitted, will be posted soon).

Memorial -  The Virgil Gennen Tanner Memorial.

Obituaries – Dorothy A. Abney, Clothilde Mounger Quirk.

Your participation in the website is appreciated.  Have you emailed your Family Connections?  This takes only a few minutes.  Please click on the Family Connections page and see how easy it is to provide this family information.  Thank you.

Lastly, your help in reaching classmates, family, Evergreen friends, and current/former residents is appreciated so all Pelicans can learn of a special place where information and memories are available for display 24/7.