February 5, 2010 Update


Dear Pelicans,


2010 Evergreen Reunion:

Plans are being made for the Saturday (9-4), May 15, 2010 Evergreen Reunion at Little Flower Church Hall. An exciting day is being planned and your ideas, suggestions, assistance are needed. More information will be provided in the next update.


The February meeting of the Civic League was hosted by Doris Ortolano and Georgie G. Dauzat last Tuesday at Georgie’s home and many ideas for the reunion were discussed. A meeting overview will be included in the next Update.


There will be some type of lunch provided at noon for those who register in advance and donations will fund this activity. More details on lunch and registration will be provided later.


Mike and Kay Tanner (2010 Reunion Chair and Co-chair) attended the meeting and plans are moving forward. Mike (Mike@EvergreenLa.org) and Kay (okk@bellsouth.net) may also be contacted at (318)346-7572.  


A concerted effort is being made to have more people involved in the reunion and to have each person fulfill a specific task with a lite load, so everyone can enjoy the reunion and not be overloaded.  For this approach to be realized, Mike and Kay and Georgie and Doris need volunteers. Please offer your services for a brief period (perhaps an hour) the day of the reunion.


Annabelle Jeansonne Blanchard will chair the Memorabilia area and plans to have pictures, information, etc. for attendees to enjoy.


Other Volunteers may contact Ed@EvergreenLa.org  as there are needs for Registration, Technology Table (CDs from the past will be show here), etc. More details on CDs later.


It is important that everyone help promote the reunion so attendance and enjoyment are maximized. Thank you.



Since the January 7, 2010 Update, the following items have been posted:


A special tribute to the Ken Jans Obituary provided by Brother David Trimbur;

Shirley Johnson Lowrey, Annie Mae Ducote Myers, Daniel Glen Quirk, Luther Joseph Laborde, Murry Joseph Descant; Nellie Rose Williber Guillory; Ann Armand Austin; and William Meade “Bill” Robert, also had obituaries posted.


A special thanks to all of you who have sent information about obituaries.

Dale Ducote was helpful with Luther Laborde’s obituary, although Luther passed away in Natchitoches.

Wayne Descant and son Patrick, presented picture/obituary from May 30, 1977 for Murry Joseph Descant.


Please email Ed@EvergreenLa.org and help us document the passing of your loved ones.



Ken Jans Resolution provided by Brother David Trimbur;

Bunkie High Luncheon on Feb. 27;

New Orleans Saints – name origin and prayer from Archbishop Hanna in 1968.

Geaux Saints!

There are many items in the pipeline, some Military, others Memories – all make for wonderful visits to the past and provide current information for today’s world. Thank you.



Checked your class roster to see if it is as complete as possible?

Documented your family connections?
Wrote some of your fond memories of growing up/living in the Evergreen area?

Sent news to be posted on the website?
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