January 7, 2010 Update

Dear Pelicans,

May you and your loved ones enjoy a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year.

Since the December 23, 2009 Update, the following items have been posted:

1. The Photo Gallery for the Evergreen Lunch on Oct. 17, 2009

To view the digital pictures and video and listen to the audio tapes, click on the Photo Gallery and 2009. The directional arrows will need to be used to view all of the digital pictures taken by Carolyn and Ryan Rabalais. Over 30 digital pictures by six photographers are posted. Special appreciation is extended to all who made a Pelican effort to preserve the sites and sounds of the event.  Thanks to Dale for posting the photo gallery in such a manner where viewing efficiency is a hallmark.


Please click on the Reunions Page and 2009 to view the list of attendees, the agenda, and the information which was provided at registration.


2. Obituaries for Reverend Monsignor Patrick J. Murphy, Myrtle Wilson Gauthier, and Myra Ann Juneau McLain.


3. Memories of Brandi Tanner Chambless (#9 which is a Tribute to the Avoyelles Farmer and includes pictures taken while visiting with her Uncle Jack). You are encouraged to click on the link and view all of Brandi’s writings.  I can assure you, they are outstanding.  Thanks, Brandi.   http://www.evergreenla.org/Memories/BrandiTanner.Chambless.htm

4. Additions and refinements continue on the Churches Page


Request – your input needed

Feedback is needed to help plan the 2010 Evergreen Reunion to be held on Saturday, May 15th from 9a.m.- 4 p.m. at the Little Flower Church Hall. The sooner input is received; the quicker ideas and suggestions can be evaluated, and plan formulation begun.  All ideas and suggestions are welcomed at this time. The latest suggestion was that a time be scheduled for “family pictures” to be taken…that is probably feasible and will certainly be reviewed for possible implementation.  Please give us your ideas.

Please email Ed@EvergreenLa.org within the next week with your ideas and suggestions. Thank you for your attention to this request.


Peace, Ed Dugas