Evergreen Reunion – 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. – May 15, 2010

Little Flower Church Hall


To view reunion pictures, etc., please go to the Photo Gallery.

I. Attendees


Albritton, Ruth Dugas 

Armand, Jeanette Barron     
Blanchard, Annabelle Jeansonne

Dauzat, Georgie G.
Descant, Vera Rabalais

Ducote, Dale &  Al  
Ducote, Raymond and Amanda
Dugas, Ed
Earnest, Susan Riche

Galland, Ron & Dorrinne

Gaspard, Ray

Gauthier, Maudie  

Goudeau, Dot and Corky

Goudeau, Ed & Wayne 

Guillory, Larry & Sherry
Gullett, Buck & Donna

Ibe, Fr. Bartholemew

Jans, Nettie

Jeansonne, Earl

Jeansonne, Mary Ellen Armand

Johnson, Sue

Juneau, Kathy Wright  
Juneau, Ralph and Jeanita
Juneau, Ted
Kojis, Martha Trump 
Lemoine, Nan Haydel  

Long, Mike  

Matthews, Louis J., Jr.
Matthews, Stephen B.

McCoy, Mary Jo Ducote

Mose, Howard & Agnes
Neilikunnel, Fr. James

Nelson, Fred (Erik) and Fran Cernignia 

Normand, Beryl & Gerald 

Ortolano, Doris   
Pearce, Stebo and Joy 

Rabalais, Ryan & Carolyn
Redmon, Elsie

Richard, Maurice & Anna
Richard, Sheryl Matthews
Riche, Pete and Denise V. 

Riche, Robert & Ramona

Riche, Walter & Dot

Roberts, Charles 

Roy, James 
Spencer, Julienne Ducote
St. Romain, Bert & Velma  

Tanner, Mike & Kay  

Tanner, Virgil & Thelma
Taylor, Ethel & Ray 
Thevenot, Elaine Armand & Conrad

Trembly, Ada & Paul 
Trimbur, Brother David & June  

Van Horn, Rev.

Williber, Clyde J.


Advanced registration by email was held and Wayne and Ed Goudeau staffed the registration table.


II. Displays, Memorabilia, and Technology Table. 


Attendees enjoyed the information, photo albums, and memorabilia which Annabelle Jeansonne Blanchard had brought from the Evergreen Museum. These items are always on display there.


Viewers enjoyed the technology table which showed CDs of previous reunions and the 1983 Male Beauty Contest held at the Little Flower Church parking lot during the fair.

Mike Tanner had two computers operating so as much of the CDs as possible could be viewed.


While these activities were taking place, Carolyn, Ryan, and Virgil were taking pictures throughout the day. Please go to the photo gallery for these.


III. A.M. Program

Mike Tanner, reunion chair, opened the a.m. program with good news of the much-needed rain. An adjustment was made in the program so Stebo Pearce could present in the morning due to a wedding conflict in the p.m. He spoke specifically about the misconception some people had about accidents at the Syrup Mill in Evergreen and cleared the record. In his remarks, it was learned that the only accident associated with the mill was a traffic accident which occurred near Wichita Falls, TX to Larma “Jake” Descant.  He was driving a truck for the Syrup Mill and was hit by another vehicle (who was at fault).  Questions from the audience followed, and Stebo told a neat story about “senior privileges” during his junior year and made reference to “Buffalo Hole.”


IV. Lunch


Lunch was catered by Kelone’s of Mansure and served by the Civic League. Deserts were provided by the Civic League.  They are to be commended for the excellent variety of food available, including items which individual members brought. Ricky Laborde, Coca-Cola,  is acknowledged for donating a variety of liquid refreshments. Thank you, Ricky. 


V. P.M. Program


a. Presentations by select students and residents from prior to 1950. Mike opened by p.m. program by introducing Maudie Holston Gauthier, who provide an overview of some Evergreen history  and introduced her panel members who presented some of their perspectives on Evergreen.  The panel is pictured in the photo gallery and included Maudie Huston Gauthier, Bert St. Romain, Raymond Ducote, Dale Ducote, Sue Johnson, and Vera Rabalais Descant. 


b. Inductions of the first class of the Magnolia Leaf Society.  Mike called on Ed Dugas to describe the Magnolia Leaf Society and recognize the first group of inductees. The Magnolia Leaf Society is comprised of individuals who are recognized for outstanding contributions, and in some cases, continuous service to the Evergreen Reunions and/or the Evergreen Website, www.EvergreenLa.org


The first group of inductees included the following:


Blanchard, Annabelle Jeansonne – host and care-taker of the Evergreen Museum;

Descant, Dale – host and webmaster for www.EvergreenLa.org since 2008;

Ducote, Dale – contributor of materials and pictures to the Evergreen Museum and obituaries, memories, military information, class rosters, etc., to the website;


Dugas, Edmond A. – involvement in past reunions, chaired 2008 reunion and 2009 lunch and has coordinated www.EvergreenLa.org since 2008;

Flake, Bobbie Robert – written program, 1983 Evergreen High School Reunion;


Gremillion, John and Georgie – chairing the 1983 & 1990 Evergreen Reunions;

Rabalais, Ryan and Carolyn Tanner Rabalais – photographers, 1983, 1990, 2008 reunions, 2009 lunch, and 2010 reunion. Ryan serves as photo editor of the website and they have both contributed information in other areas of the website; 


Tanner, Mike and Kay – both served in multiple capacities for the 2008 reunion and accepted extra assignments as the event drew closer, Mike served as our photographer for the 2008 reunion, photographer and videographer for the lunch, and Mike & Kay are co-chairing the 2010 reunion.


c. www.EvergreenLa.org  - Ed presented an overview of the website and anticipated additions. The audience was encouraged to participate in the many opportunities offered by the website. The discussion included interest in the CDs of past reunions and the 1983 Male Beauty Contest, so the possibilities of copying these will be explored.


d. Remembering Them – In remembrance of those Pelicans who had passed away since the May 17, 2008 Evergreen Reunion and who once lived in the Evergreen area, went to school at EES or EHS, worked in the Evergreen area or otherwise had an Evergreen area connection. The obituary for each person on the list below is posted on the Obituary Page of the website.  


Ed and Dale Ducote teamed for this part of the program. Ed called each name below, followed by Dale ringing a bell. A moment of silence was observed after all names were called.  Dale purchased the bell for this event. After the ceremony, he presented the bell to Annabelle for the museum.

Beginning with June 21, 2008


Emma Dee Milligan Clark
Maynard John Firman

Donald Ray Spears

Betty Ann Ducote Coco

Curry "Red" J. Armand

Ollie Bordelon Redmon

Mary Onida Pittman Rhorer

William Pearson

Bobby "Errol" Bonnette

Ralph Paul Moras, Sr.,

William Andrew Albritton Sr.

Dorothy "Dot" A. Abney

Clothilde Mounger Quirk

Lucy Donna Scruggs LaBorde

Coral “Hula” Fredrick Francois

Carl Paul Ducote

Lewis "John" Channey

Lula Mae Terry O'Neal

Betty Descant Gagnard

George V. "Pickle" Terry

Thomas Eric Bordelon "Tommy" Sr.

Byron "PeJoe" Lloyd

Sam Gullett

Daniel John Slocum

Pleasant McGree, Jr.

Dennis Platt Quirk "Denny" Jr.

Alfred Erreld "Pat" Patrick, Jr.

Dr. Sue Lyles Eakin

Louisa Alice Couvillion Bordelon

Kenneth Merle Jans

Dorothy McIntyre Fogleman

Stephen “Poke” Slocum  

Shirley Jane Armand 

Louis Clave Riche "L.C." Jr.

Reverend Monsignor Patrick J. Murphy

Annie Mae Ducote Myers

Daniel Glen Quirk

Luther Joseph Laborde

Nellie Rose Williber Guillory

Earline Jeansonne Lambert

Alva "Bunny"Guillory

Stella Lindsay

Udolph Alpough

Wilmer Glen "Bill" Mounger

Richard Joseph Milligan, Sr.

Ethel Matthews Desotell

Jonathan "Pistol" Keith Turner

Freddie Marcotte



Please email Ed@EvergreenLa.org if you know of anyone who needs to be added to the list.



VI. Closing

Mike thanked those who assisted and attended the reunion and asked Fr. Ibe, our host, for his comments. Father Ibe thanked those in attendance and welcomed their spirit of love for community and church. Rev. Paul Van Horn presented a closing prayer.

Kay Tanner, Annabelle, and Mike led everyone in singing “May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You.”