Memorials for


Please share with others who may not have internet access.  Thank you.


A memorial may be donated by anyone for anyone with an Evergreen connection.  The memorial order form needs to be completed by the memorial donor who determines the precise language for the memorial, as follows: 


Top Line: Full name/s, including maiden & nick (if wish to use), of person/s memorialized (limited to two persons per entry, unless it is a family name which can be placed on one line);




Next line/s: Narrative about person/s being memorialized (limited to 100 characters);






Next line/s: Name/s of memorial donor/s – (options include the following):

  1. The name of a single donor;

  2. Donation by a couple of people, like a husband and wife (Please provide names in the manner you wish for them to be listed – example Joan Smith Nelson and Harry Nelson;

  3..If by the children, all could be listed on donor application (no limit); 

  4. Other examples: "From his/her or their loving family"  “From Your Friend”
  5. Leave blank.





The memorial agreement will allow the memorial donor/s to submit a maximum of two pictures for placement in the memorial link. These could be of the person/s being memorialized and/or of the memorial donors. .


The donation for a memorial is $36.00.  This will cover the posting of the memorial for three years.


Check/s should be made out to Memorials and mailed to Mike Tanner at the address below.  The RE or SUBJ should include the name of the person/s being memorialized


Your memorial donation will be acknowledged in a timely manner.  Please include the caption information on the picture/s you plan to send.  Please send the pictures electronically or mail in regular mail.  This is risky, so you are encouraged to have the picture/s scanned and emailed to me. 


Contact information:  Mike Tanner,  1176 Hwy 361, Evergreen, La 71333.


Check No: _______  Date of Check: ______  Check Account Name:______________________ Amount $_______