The Civic League of Evergreen, LA met on February 9, 2011 at the home of
Anna Richard with ten members in attendance.

Open meeting.
Pledge to flag
Election of officers for the coming year.

President:            June Trimbur               318-346-2419
Secretary:            Annebelle Blanchard  318-346-6724
Treasurer:            Nettie Jans                  318-346-7892
Reporter:             Elizabeth Patrick        318-346-2280

Plans for the year discussed.

1.  Provide the dessert for the  Fire Dept. catfish dinner on March 18.

2.  Will make visits and aid to the ill of the community.

3.  Provide new folders with addresses and telephone numbers for members.

4.  Scheduled meetings for year:

      March 10th   Doris Ortolano
     April               Elsie Redmon
     May                Nettie Jans
     June                Bernice Riche
     July and August no meetings
     September     Nan Lemoine
     October          Elizabeth Patrick
     November      Mercedes Terry
     December      Georgia Gremillion

Members present:
    Doris Ortolano
    Mercedes Terry
    Nan Lemoine
    Bernice Riche
    Sue Johnson
    Elsie Redmon
    Anna Richard
    June Trimbur
    Elizabeth Patrick
    Nettie Jans

Submitted by June Trimbur, President,  Evergreen Civic League, February 11, 2011