Congratulations to Kevin! Kevin Rabalais, born in Bunkie and now living and writing in Australia, recently won the Sydney Morning Herald Best Young Writer Award given annually at the Sydney  Writer's Festival to one or more of the best novelists living in Australia under the age of 35.  Rabalais won the award jointly with three other writers, Nam Le,  Alice Nelson and Steve Toltze.  Rabalais' recent novel, Landscape of Desire received widespread acclaim.

Rabalais and his wife, Jennifer Levasseur (born and raised in Belle Chasse, LA.) , have lived in Melbourne, Australia since 2004. He is the son of Marksville attorney Rodney Rabalais and Wanda Rabalais of Marksville.

(Copied from article published in  The Journal--published on June 7, 2009)

Kevin's e-mail address is  mailto:rablev@mindspring.com

Source: Bunkie Tattler at www.Bunkie.com  August 5, 2009