Thousands Attend Bert St. Romain’s 81st Birthday Party…the rest of the story


On July 19, 2010 a story was posted on News about a small family brunch held in celebration of Bert’s 81st birthday.  This is the rest of the story…in Bert’s words.


Ed, Thanks for the kind words and birthday wishes.  I had a party to beat all parties.  Wed, July 21st, 2010 was the biggest party I ever attended.  My son Lyle came down from San Antonio and we met at the Cracker Barrel on I-10 and University in Lafayette, then Velma drove us all to the Cajun Dome.  28,000 Cajuns makes a big and fun party.  I was excited.  The Petroleum Club of Lafayette invited Velma, Lyle and I to join other members in a suite for lunch.  It was not Petroleum Club quality food.  It was catered.  Cold buns, cold cuts and cold slaw.  Met a lot of the members there.  We exchanged tales of our busted economy, etc.  Sammy Kershaw took the stage; his band is quite good.  Gov. Bobby Jindal gave his talk; quite impressive.  Next Lt. Gov. Angelle took the stage.  That Cajun speaks like I think.  He certainly won me over.  Billy Nungessor (an old friend) from Plaquemines Parish blamed the hard times in the Gulf on Obama and his "sheep".  He received a standing ovation.  Here I am thinking "where is my birthday cake?"


Up to now, not a single Cajun had shook my hand or said "happy birthday".  I assumed that all these big people had been invited by Lyle.  He does everything overboard.  I kept looking for you and Marilyn with a birthday gift certificate from Don's Specialty Meats, but it's hard to find two Cajuns in a nest of 28,000.  There were banners proclaiming "Ban the Moritorium" but none said "Happy Birthday, Paw Paw".  I kept thinking that Lyle had managed to crash another party like in his LSU days.


At about 1 PM, Sammy took the stage again and "my party" was over.  I thought that Lyle had gotten his wires crossed.  We found Velma's car and headed for St. Mary Street.  We were in search of good Cajun food.  We arrived at the Petroleum Club and everyone was nice, shook hands but still no birthday wishes.  Our meal was great as usual and I had to again have the bread pudding.  It was again just like my Mom used to make.  I also had a free dinner birthday gift card from the Petroleum Club, but I forgot to use it.  As we walked out of the PCL, I picked up the Lafayette paper  - - - Wow!  Headlines said "25,000 Due to Pack the Cajun Dome".  As I read on, I realized that Lyle had pulled another good one on me again.  Those 28,000 Cajuns didn't know who I was and didn't care.  As usual, I enjoyed rubbing shoulders with other Cajuns, even if they did not honor me on my birthday.


Now you know the rest of the story.


Pax, Bert (81 and counting)